How to connect a Mac to Midi devices over the network (works with ProPresenter)

If you’re looking for how to send Midi commands with USB, try this tutorial:

On today’s ProPresenter show, how to connect Midi devices over the network.  Hi, and welcome again to the ProPresenter show. This is the show where I help you learn about propresenter. My name is Paul Alan Clifford and before we get started, if you’d like to learn more about ProPresenter and related stuff, go ahead and click the subscribe button and little bell icon so you can be the first to learn the new tips and tricks I share. In a previous video, I showed you how to connect a midi lighting console to a Mac running ProPresenter, using the Midi module. Today, we’re doing something similar, but I’m doing it with a midi signal sent over the network. So, let’s head over to my computer and get started.

For some lighting consoles and software, this is the only way to go. In other cases, you might have a cable run that makes a USB connection impractical, so this solves that problem too. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share and if you like my t-shirt, you can get your very own copy from my Amazon Merch store at Until next time, this is Paul Alan Clifford from and…reminding you to go out and change eternity.

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