How to Add Fonts to MacOS (works with ProPresenter)

ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: How to Add Fonts to MacOS

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On today’s ProPresenter show, how to add fonts to MacOS so you can use them with ProPresenter and other software.

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Jeff McIntosh over at just released a new font ( created especially for the needs of the church and geared toward lyric, sermon notes, and other projection needs.

The morning it came out, someone on the ProPresenter Users’ Group asked how to to install a font in MacOS, so I made this little video to show how.

So, let’s head over to the video and take a look.

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Download the font and unzip it (if it’s a zip file). Then double-click one of the ttf file. You should see a window pop up with all the letters in the font. In the lower left hand corner, it should say “not installed”. Then, click the “Install Font”. Then, it should show that it’s installed.

Whether you’re using CMG-sans or another new font, that’s basically how you do it. If, like this font, the font you’re using has multiple true type files, make sure you click the first and then shift click on the last to select a range of files before opening and installing them.

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