How to import Keynote Presentations into ProPresenter 6

How to import Keynote Presentations into ProPresenter 6

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Sometimes you’re gonna have different types of presentations show up at your church. In another tutorial, I told you about importing PowerPoint and what you can do in Pro6 once you do.

Today, I want to show you how ProPresenter works with Keynote files. It’s a little different.

First, don’t forget that this is only available for Mac. If you’re Windows only, try and have the the person who gave it to you to export as PowerPoint because what I’m going to show you won’t work if you don’t have Keynote installed.

Once that’s set, you’re ready to go, so let’s head over to my computer and take a look at how.

Once you’ve got ProPresenter open, if you try to import the keynote file (by going to File > Import > Import file) that you can’t choose the keynote file.

So, how do you import it? Go to finder and then navigate to the folder that it’s in. Now, drag the file into the timeline in ProPresenter.

You’ll notice that when you click on that item, it looks just like a foreground video. It has a play button just like the foreground video, when it’s not in a song, sermon notes, or other document.

Here are a couple of differences that you should know. First, you can’t add it into the video/image bin.

Secondly, unlike a foreground video, you can’t drag it into a song or other document.

Now, look at what happens when you click on the play button.

It fires up Keynote (which is why it won’t work if you’re on a PC or don’t have Keynote installed). It also takes over your output, control (and if you have it and have a properly configured recent version of Keynote, the stage display screen).

Now, it’s just like running a keynote presentation.

When you’re done, hit the escape key, and it will return you back to ProPresenter where you can continue on with your service.

So, that’s it.

This isn’t a way that I’d encourage people who don’t know ProPresenter to make their presentations. Instead, I still think that having them give you a text file that you can easily import is the way to go, but in a pinch, this is better than nothing.

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