Stage TV: Using an AppleTV or a dedicated computer to drive a stage tv

Using an AppleTV or a dedicated computer to drive a stage tv

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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Using an AppleTV or a dedicated computer to drive a stage tv

Once you have a stage television, how do you drive it? Should you use an AppleTV or a dedicated computer? There are plusses and minuses for both.

AppleTV uses stage 2 app. If you’re using ProPresenter 6, this is a nice way to do it. Renewed Vision has created this dedicated app, so it makes it a breeze.

AppleTV can connect via network. You don’t need a long cable run. It’s just a network cable and power.

AppleTV can receive from iPad/iPhone. You could always drive it with an iPad connected to the AppleTV and that way your pastor can control it all.

Dedicated computer:
Dedicated box is more reliable. Depending on what you’re doing, you have more flexibility and power with a dedicated box.

Costlier. It probably won’t be as cheap as an AppleTV.

Requires site license if you’re using ProPresenter for two different computers, so that’s an additional cost as well.

Might be harder to use headless. Depending on the software, running it without the ability to see the interface, could be a problem.

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