Answers to church tech questions on encoding appliances, network video, black rectangles, and duplicating ProPresenter songs

Answers to church tech questions on encoding appliances, network video, black rectangles, and duplicating ProPresenter songs

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On today’s Q & A, Answers to church tech questions on encoding appliances, network video, black rectangles, and duplicating ProPresenter songs

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alvaro melgar on youtube, in response to my video Live streaming: What is encoding and how do you do it ? writes:
Hi buying that box Do I need those streaming providers?

The boxcaster works on Boxcast only.
The Churchstreamer you can only get from with an account, but if you cancel, it’s not locked to them.
The Vidiu by Teredek is open, although one of the versions had a problem with Facebook live, but they were working to fix it, last I heard.

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Jim on asks, in response to my article, “VGA, DVI, or HDMI: How to connect your church projector,”
“Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback!

My church hired a guy to set up a video system in the church, where they can supply different videos to multiple tv’s throughout the church. I was able to test and verify that the video transfer devices are network devices. I understand that this is the type of system they use in sports bars with all those TV’s.

The audio was coming straight out of the speaker jack on the laptop when I got there. Apparently, they were using a MAC computer which didn’t carry the audio over the HDMI port. Testing with a windows computer, the audio at the projector was in sync with the video being displayed, but delayed about 1/2 – 3/4 sec from the computer display.
Both projectors have been in sync on all tests, even though they have their own network to HDMI device.

The solution is to use a computer that carries the audio over the HDMI port. Set a network to audio device (this might be network to hdmi to audio, not sure) next to the sound board to supply the sound board audio to match the projectors. “

Be careful with network adapters. They introduce latency. I’d use either a true balun which just balances and unbalances the signal, or HDMI to SDI to H

tharoth rong on youtube asks
all i ever want is to put a black rectangle on the video background but when i click on slide the rectangle just disappear now i have to paste rectangle on every slide to make text more visible on motion background i really don’t want to do this

Make a template with the rectangle and apply it to the whole song (or all the songs).

Stefan Kruger via email asks
Good morning Paul, I have a quick question. I would like to duplicate/ copy our church’s data/setup to my home trial system, my aim is to develop the next Service presentation on my home Presenter 6 instance, then extract that data and restore on the church machine. Is that do-able, and if, how would I go about it please?

Very doable. All the files live in folders on the hard drive. You can just copy them to an external drive (or shared cloud solution) and import them on your remote machine.

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