Podcasting with a family

Podcasting with a family

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting with a family

The apostle Paul was right. You have more time to do ministry when you don’t have a family. That said, family is a gift. So, if you need to podcast, but you have a family, how do you do it? Try these tips.

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Record when they’re not around or asleep. Kids tend to sleep 10-12 hours a night. You probably sleep 6-8. Take advantage of the extra time.

Record in batches. Don’t set up and record a single episode. Record multiples so you always have a spare ready to go for when you need it. You can edit and do other things when there’s more noise. Take full advantage of every recording opportunity.

Get ahead. You never know when life will happen, but if you’re ahead, you’re protected.

Have backup days planned. Maybe you plan on recording one day. Have another planned, just in case. You never know when you’ll need to record on a backup day.

Plan alternate and quiet activities. Some kids can be amused by quiet activities. Pay attention to those. Also, if your spouse craves some time with the kids, plan an activity for them to get out of the house to do.

Podcast from a hidden location. If they can’t find you, it’s harder to disturb you. Consider a basement where no one goes, the attic, anywhere that your location is hidden.

Expect and plan for interruptions. None of these ideas will go well 100% of the time. Plan for interruptions and assume there’s a reason for them. Don’t get bent out of shape. Remember that this wasn’t a surprise to God, who knows who will listen. Trust that interruptions are redirections. That should help.

Do you have any tips for podcasting with a family? Put them below in the comments, so we can share.

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