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Podcasts about podcasting that I listen to

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasts about podcasting that I listen to

I’m always learning and am not satisfied with being current. I want to know what’s coming around the bend. So what podcasts about podcasting do I listen to?

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Let’s start with my favorite. I’ve been listening to Dave Jackson and the School of Podcasting since the beginning, almost 12 years now. Dave is very entertaining and a genuinely nice guy. If you want to know about everything podcasting, this is the show for you.

A similar show is The Audacity to Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis. It’s on hiatus right now as Daniel and his wife await the arrival of their first-born. This show follows a “top 10” type of format where he gives 6 ways to do thus and so or 12 things to consider about that. Great content from another great guy.

Next, comes the podcasters’ roundtable. This is a fortnightly (Ray Edwards likes that term) where Ray gets Dave and Daniel to co-host a panel discussion about all things podcasting with an ever-rotating group of podcast hosts. I haven’t met Ray yet, but look forward to it.

If you like stats and experiments, the last show, The Feed, is for you. Elsie and Rob highlight old and new shows as well as geeking out on stats to show what’s important and what’s not when it comes to your podcast.

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