ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Troubleshooting ProPresenter 6 | Screencast show

ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Troubleshooting ProPresenter 6

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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Troubleshooting ProPresenter 6

I had a problem. When I started ProPresenter 6, it would flash on and then off. This is how I fixed it.

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I first thought that the latest version might have a bug, so I downloaded the previous one from Renewed Vision’s download page. After installing it, there was no change.

So, I logged off of my current user and logged in as another. Pro6 worked great from another user account, so that told me that it wasn’t a problem on the system level.

Back, to my main account.

I did a search and found a list of files to delete to fully uninstall Pro6. Knowing that it probably wasn’t a file on the system level, I decided to ignore those delete user ProPresenter 6 files.

I made one change though. Instead of actually deleting the files or folders, I just renamed them, so Pro6 wouldn’t recognize them. I added a “-b” on the end of the name.

After going through three or four main folders, I found out that the “ProPresenter 6” folder in ~/library/Application Support/RenewedVision was the one causing the problem.

Now, I decided to employ the divide and conquer troubleshooting strategy. I also realized that Pro6 worked the last time I’d used it, which was in early August, so I further minimized the number of likely files to those with the August 14th modified date.

After renaming half, trying Pro6, and repeating, I found that the bad file was the “Default.pro6pl” playlist in the playlists folder. It’s an XML file, so I could open it up in a text editor to see if I could find out what the problem was, but I decided just to use the new one and call it a day.

How have you troubleshooted ProPresenter and what has your experience been with doing so?

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  1. Try restarting ProPresenter, then restart your computer. If that doesn’t work, try logging in as another user. Let me know the results.

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