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Review of the Point Source Audio Embrace Microphone

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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Review of the Point Source Audio Embrace Microphone

Some of the things we buy for church really need to do double duty. What if you needed a mic that could be concealed for a drama, but also one that you could wear as a boom? What if you needed a mic that you could change the end on so that it could be used in different parts of the church without moving wireless receivers? Look no farther.

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Point Source Audio sent me a demo unit of their new Embrace microphone and I really like it.

It’s flexible in how you can wear it and with an end you can swap out, flexible in what wireless system you use it with.

I used it with my Audio-Technica wireless system and found that the only problems I had were with the wireless itself. The microphone worked fine.

It comes in three colors: flesh colored beige, brown, and black. The cable is thin enough to stay out of your way, but thick enough that it won’t easily break.

The secret is the mounting system that you can cut to mount the mic above your ear, hiding it at the hair line or under the arms of a pair of glasses. You just run the cable through the channel to the desired position and you’re good to go.

It comes with two earhooks, one for the right and one for the left ear. In a church context, I’d cut one for the hidden application and use the other for the slightly better sounding boom application.

On the end that plugs into the pack, there’s a screw connector which allows you to change out what connector you use and thus what wireless system it plugs into.

Watch the video to an A/B comparison between it and my wired Audio Technica and for a look at the Point Source Audio embrace itself.

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