Answers to church tech questions on ProPresenter latency, a new iMac, Easy Worship to Pro6, & Webcam audio| Q & A Show

Answers to church tech questions on ProPresenter latency, a new iMac, Easy Worship to Pro6, & Webcam audio

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On today’s Q & A, answers to church tech questions on ProPresenter latency, a new iMac, Easy Worship to Pro6, & Webcam audio

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Amal Raj on

Hi Paul,
We would like to have live video from a camera projected on screens without delay. We use propresenter 6 on 15inch Macbook pro. For this I have come to know about Blackmagic Intensity extreme/Intensity shuttle. But what is the time delay with these devices? In some church videos I have seen like things projected are real time. I would like to know what hardware should we need to have to get like real time screens.

A: Since the computer will do some processing of the video no matter what, you’ll get latency if you send video into propresenter (in nearly every case). I’d send both cameras and propresenter into a video switcher and you’ll get a signal with lower latency.

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Jeff Brewer via email

Paul, great job on the training videos I’ve been learning a lot. 
I do have a couple of questions that maybe you can help me answer.
1st  Right now we are a Windows O/S based presentation church using Easy Worship.   We are getting ready to migrate to Apple Macs and  Propresenter 6.   Do you know of a way to export the song database out of easy worship into PP 6?
2nd I’ve attached a drawing of our current setup.  What would to recommend hardware wise to accomplished the same setup with PP 6 using a Main Display, Stage Display, and a control surface display?   I was thinking a Mac Pro with 3 thunderbolt display ports.  Am I wrong, or is there another way.  
Jeff Brewer 


A: Actually, I think I’d recommend an iMac (not the 5k, it’s already pushing a lot of pixels without external displays), but the most iMac you can afford, making sure to get dedicated graphics.  Maybe something like this one: (affiliate link, but I’d actually buy it from an Apple store or look at the refurbs on, too).

This iMac, has two thunderbolt outs (which I believe can both run displays).  The adapter is pretty cheap and you can do VGA, DVI, or HDMI with it.  

As for the rest, it should work as it works now.  You can split the VGA signal out of one of the ports and send that to your main projectors and send the secondary one to your stage display.

If you can, the “Flash storage” which is like an SSD soldered directly to the motherboard is a good upgrade to buy, too.

I think there might be some third-party solutions for getting your library from EW to Pro6, but it’s not an easy thing otherwise.  I believe they store them in a different way and the only commonality I know of is if you can export from EW as text because Pro6 can import it if you can.

David on an article I wrote on

Thanks for the information, it has been of great help…
What am trying to accomplish is being able to capture video from (webcam, camcorder) and being able to input audio to it from an audio mixer, which has the mic up close to speaker… That way avoiding as much as possible audio from ambient.
I did a search query for webcams with audio aux in but perhaps none have this available or its just the wrong search parameters. Any suggestions..?

A: Connect the audio to your computer, not the webcam directly, then choose the built-in audio from the computer instead of the webcam audio in your encoder software.

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