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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Corner pinning

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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Corner pinning

Let’s imagine that you need to do keystone correction because your projector isn’t perfectly aligned to the screen. Normally, the function in the projector is the way to go, but if you can’t do that or if there’s a reason that doing it with software is better, ProPresenter has a feature called “corner pinning” that does the exact thing you need.

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First, open Pro6 (works the same way in Pro5, but the screens looks slightly different in the video above). Now, go to preferences and then displays.

Midway down on the right hand side, there’s a check box to enable corner pinning. Chances are you won’t see any difference.

To actually tweak the settings, you need to click the gear icon.

Now, you’ll see a dialog box show up with a bunch of numbers in it. Let’s say you are outputting 720p, If so, the resolution is 1280×720.

The upper left corner is numbered 0,0. The lower right is 1280,720. The upper right is 0,1280. The lower left is 720,0.

I should say, that this isn’t something you set up every day. As you can tell from the video, it’s easy to get confused.

Anyway, if your image is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, tweak the corner pinning so that it’s the opposite. Ideally, the final image that everyone sees will fit the screen perfectly.

For more on how to do this, watch the video above.

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