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Podcasting: What is podfading and how you can know if you’re about to do it?

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, What is podfading and how you can know if you’re about to do it

Your podcast may be in danger, not from outside forces, necessarily (although they may play a part), but from you as the podcast producer. Here’s why.

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Unlike traditional media, where there’s a whole team that creates a show, podcasts are often solo (or small team) projects. If one person, or one of a team of two or three, starts to lose motivation, the podcast might stop, rather abruptly. What seems one day like something you’ll do for the rest of your life can quickly become a burden that’s hard to bear.

Here are some of the signs. Maybe it’s no longer fun. Maybe shows are getting harder to make. Maybe life seems to get in the way more. Maybe you no longer have time. Maybe the weekly show becomes bi-weekly or a show that you do once a month. Slowly the time between shows gets longer and longer.

If that’s you, you’re in danger of podfading. Podfading is when your podcast abruptly stops. I’ve podfaded one show twice and brought it back each time. For another, I podfaded it, not planning to bring it back.

It’s really a sad thing because any audience may be looking forward to an episode that may never come.

If you see this happening in your situation. Here are some things to do about it.

Take a break. Plan ahead and decide to go on hiatus for the summer, or for a month. Make sure you have a firm date to come back and do it.

You can also, rearrange priorities to give yourself more room to create. It might be that you’re not tired of your show; maybe you’re just tired. Busyness is the enemy of creativity, so give yourself some margin.

There’s no shame in ending a show whose time has come. If it’s time, it’s time. Just end well, telling the audience you’re ending.

For more about podfading, watch the video above.

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