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Podcasting: Should you podcast in mono or stereo?

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: Should you podcast in mono or stereo?

Normally, I’m all for the latest tech, but sometimes an older solution is actually better. Believe it or not, that’s why most podcasts should be delivered in mono, not stereo.

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Your audience. Your audience really matters. Stop and think about most of the content of your podcast. Is it spoken word? Probably. What would stereo add to a person speaking? Not much.

Now, think about the listening conditions that most of your podcast listeners are in. They’re in their cars, in traffic, with road noise. They’re working out in the gym with the sound of clanging weights behind them. They’re working, keeping an ear free so that they can respond if the boss yells their name. These are not pristine listening environments.

Now, I admit that if you’re podcasting music, stereo is a better choice, but there’s a problem with doing that. Each podcast subscriber literally gets a free, digital duplicate of the music you podcast. Sure, you _can_ stream podcasts, but they’re really a downloadable format. As such, live streaming licenses really don’t cover them. If you’re using copyrighted music (which even some hymns still fall under copyright), you’re really opening your church up for problems. Once, you eliminate music, the reason for stereo goes away.

For more on this idea, watch the video above.

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