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Podcasting: The Type of Professional Microphone you shouldn’t use

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: The Type of Professional Microphone you shouldn’t use

Most of the time, professional gear is best, but this time, in this unique situation, there’s a certain type of professional gear you should NOT use.

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Most microphones are either dynamic or condenser microphones.

In a professional studio, ambient sound is very well controlled. As such, you won’t have unwanted sound, so you’ll want a microphone that picks up every last detail of what’s being said.

Most churches don’t have professional audio studios, so for a podcast other than the sermon, you’ll want a microphone that doesn’t pick up as much random sound.

Back in the day, one of the first microphones that podcasters were recommended was the Blue Snowball. This microphone seemed perfect. I came with a stand and was a USB mic, so you didn’t need a mixer or any audio interface to get it into the computer. Unfortunately, it was a condenser microphone, so it picked up all sorts of audio from the environment that you didn’t want.

Fast forward to today. Now, we have choices like the ATR-2100 USB microphone (affiliate link) which can connect directly to a computer, but also has an XLR connector to interface with a mixer, should you ever need that, too.

Like all the microphones you should consider, this is a dynamic mic. It doesn’t pick up details that you don’t want, but does pick up your voice.

For most situations, a microphone, like this one, will actually give you better results than a professional broadcast condenser microphone costing hundreds of dollars.

For more information, watch the video above.

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