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Podcasting: Podcast Naming Mistakes to Avoid

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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: Podcast Naming Mistakes to Avoid

When people start podcasts, they tend to come up with clever names. Unfortunately, while those names a fun for the audience, once they’ve found the podcast, often, they actually keep your audience from finding the podcast to begin with.

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My first podcast, “Tech, No Babel,” started with the idea that we’d talk tech, but not venture into the territory of making it or ourselves God, avoiding the mistakes of the people in the tower of Babel story in Genesis 11. The thing is that when you hear it, it sounds like “techno babble” which is on purpose, but makes it difficult to tell people about.

Also, it doesn’t really tell you what the show is about. Over the years, it’s become about video and graphic design in the church, but that’s not apparent by the name.

This show “Tech Help for Churches” is better, but it’s not really specific enough. Really, it should be called “Internet communication for your church” or something like that.

So, in order to help people find your podcast, give it a clear name that explains what it’s about. Using keywords makes it even better.

You might be thinking that network television shows don’t follow this formula, and you’d be right. The difference is that they have advertising budgets to overcome the problem of people not knowing that the show exists or what it’s about.

So, if you already have a poorly named show, what do you do? Add a description after the name. In the case of “Tech, No Babel,” I could add something like “church video and graphic design tips & tricks.” That’s much clearer.

Watch the video above for more ideas.

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