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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Formatting and Creating Arrangements

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ProPresenter 6 Tutorial: Formatting and Creating Arrangements

You can add songs to propresenter pretty easily, but if it’s a song that you’ll be using at church a lot or if you’ll be singing different arrangements, take the time to group verses and choruses together so that you can make more arrangements.

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This is an easy step to overlook, but it’s vital if your worship leader either often forgets lyrics and skips around by accident or does so on purpose. By labeling groups of slides by what they are, you can quickly jump from one to another and more importantly, create new arrangements easily.

So, let’s start from scratch. Let’s say that you import a song. The first thing you need to do is divide it up into useable chunks. Let’s say that given the format of your lyrics, each verse shows as 8 lines on the screen. Take it from my experience that 6 lines is actually too much 2-4 is better. So, you need to split the verse up to more slides. You could edit each individually, but it’s much easier to use ProPresenter 6’s redesigned reflow editor.

Once you open the editor, you can click on the screen right before you want the new slide to start and click the button below to split it onto a new screen.

When you’re done with that, it’s time to group slides back into their verse, chorus, bridge, groupings. You do this by right clicking on the first slide of a given group and selecting the appropriate group name (or adding a new one).

Finally, let’s move on to arrangements.

One mistake that a lot of people make when creating the initial “master arrangement” is not including every possible slide. A master arrangement isn’t one of the arrangements. It’s more like a group of things from which to draw to make the arrangements you actually use. So if you want a CCLI slide or a blank slide, make sure you add it into the master arrangement. Now if you don’t use it in your normal arrangement that’s fine, but you have it for the one arrangement that needs it.

For more on how to do these things, watch the video above.

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