Church tech questions on Capture cards, Pro6 iMac, hearing assist, and more on tech | Q & A Show

Church tech questions on Capture cards, Pro6 iMac, hearing assist, and more on tech

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On today’s Q & A, Church tech questions on Capture cards, Pro6 iMac, hearing assist, and more on tech

Here are the latest questions:

MrGodchild15 on Youtube

… what capture devices do you recommend for to purchase for ny canon vixia hf g20 so I can use to stream & also what laptop for best quality stream intel i5 or i7?

Stephen Gibbs Jr. on Twitter
What was the name of the capture card that you suggested for use with the Cannon camera?

Cole-Dove Thompson a member of my ProPresenter Users’ Group on Facebook:
I am sorry to bother you, can you tell me if this mac would would great for PP6? I get so confused with macs (I am a pc person)

Charles Smith on YouTube (in response to the discussion of hearing assist systems):
On Hearing Assist, we’ve been using this system since 2008. We saved a bit of money by buying six analog receivers. Most of these systems work in the 72-76 MHz frequency range. On this one, the tuning wheel is inside the battery compartment and has to be adjusted with an “eyeglass-sized” screwdriver. I have to re-tune them slightly during the year. The main thing I’ve seen with them is they don’t work well if you are sitting right below a fluorescent light ballast:

Tom Willis on YouTube (in response to my rant on why we should use tech):
On your first segment concerning the tools you use. I completely agree. If you think tech is bad for spreading the Gospel then throw away your Bible and go back to the Greek writings. Good info on the CCLI. I was not even aware of CCA. Good show, thank you

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