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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Podcasting: From Sermon audio to podcast [tweet “What are the basic steps to go from a sermon recording to a podcast? Here are some gotchas to look out for:”]

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To get an audio podcast from your sermon audio, start out with a quality recording. This means that you need to get a recording from your church’s sound system. A good place to start is the “Tape Out” on your sound board. Take those out and connect them to a camera, stand alone recorder, or computer.

Once you have the audio, you need to make sure it’s an MP3. If not, transcode with software.

Now, upload to a media host. A lot of churches try and get away with using their website hosting. This is betting against your own success. You’re betting that you won’t get popular enough for your webhost to shut you down. Instead, try going with a company like Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud, Amazon s3, or some other service.

Now, there’s the matter of the rss feed. It’s not a podcast unless it has an RSS feed which tells a computer, tablet, or smart device to download new episodes automatically.

Some media hosts like Libsyn will provide you with an RSS feed. If you have your church’s site on a wordpress installation, you can also use PowerPress to generate the feed.

Finally, submit your RSS feed to iTunes, the Google play store, and other podcast aggregators.

Congrats. You have a podcast.

For more details, watch the video above.

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