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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Using Twitter Cards
[tweet “If your church has a website and a twitter account, you should use Twitter cards. Here’s how:”] Join the conversation; call 1-877-763-3246, leave a comment below the video, or hit me up on Twitter (@PaulAlanClif)

There are four main types of twitter cards. They are the summary card, summary card with large image, app card, and player card.

The first step to implementing them is deciding which you want to use. To do this I’d got to and read the description for each.

Next, get the code that needs to go in the header of your website. If you’re using WordPress, you can also use the Twitter, SEO by Yoast, or even the BluBrry powerpress plugin with the player plugin to expand it. If not, you’ll need to figure out the best way to add this code to your website.

Next, head back to and test out your card. You should see something that looks like what you’d envisioned, but you’ll likely get a warning saying that you’re not cleared to use twitter cards. That’s fine. Just ask for approval.

After a short time, you should get your approval and be able to add links in twitter that will automatically generate cards.

Should you want to change something, do so, but then submit a different link (perhaps using That should show you the new link.

As an aside, player cards require https links, so that’s a little bit more complicated. If you’ve put your videos on youtube, just use those links instead and you should see player cards that way.

For more about twitter cards, watch the video above.

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