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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Troubleshooting Techniques: Upgrading production software

Both Microsoft and Apple have recently released new versions of their OS. It can be very tempting to upgrade as soon as possible, but you should be careful if your computer is used for live production.

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With an OS update, some software will just stop working. Other software will work, but have glitches. Some hardware might quit working as well.

Before you update, list the most important software you have. Do you use ProPresenter, Photoshop, or some other software? Check with each vendor to see if they’ve not only tested the software with the new version, but tested it with hardware that you’re using. Especially with Windows, there are so many configurations that it’s possible you’d have a configuration that mostly works, but the part that doesn’t is something like a capture card or another mission-critical piece.

That’s why you should never update on the first day. You should also update with the most possible time to spare. That way, if something breaks, you have days, not minutes to fix it.

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