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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Downloading your YouTube videos and why YouTube isn’t a podcast host

Take it from someone who started podcasting in 2005. YouTube isn’t a podcast host. Now, I put my podcasts there, but they’re not delivered as podcasts. They’re delivered as streaming videos.

People who subscribe to podcasts get them delivered automatically to their phones or computers. They can watch or listen whether they have an internet connection or not because the shows live on their devices once they’re downloaded.

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It’s true that you can download your own YouTube videos. Just go to the video manager and click the down arrow next to the edit button. Once there select “Download MP4” and you’ll be able to download your video (assuming that it doesn’t have a copyright claim against it).

The thing is, no one else can download your videos this way. Sure, there are third-party solutions to can download YouTube videos, but they don’t do it automatically.

Podcasts download because of something called an RSS feed, which is basically a grocery list that the device references before it downloads new content. YouTube doesn’t really have this, not in the same way.

So, a video on YouTube may have originated as a podcast (or any other media type), but it’s not one when it’s on YouTube. It’s a streaming video.

It’s like a movie isn’t technically a “film” when it’s not on film. It’s a video. A television show isn’t a television show when you watch it on your phone; it’s a video. All a podcast is is a delivery mechanism, a mechanism that YouTube doesn’t use. YouTube streams. No biggie; they’re just different.

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