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On today’s Tech Help for Churches,YouTube Keywords: How to find and use them

Computers are smart and are getting smarter every day, but the problem is that they’re pretty literal and not great with the subtleties of human language. If you search for a word, Google (and by extension YouTube) search for that word and they try to find other content that contains similar content…with mixed results.

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That’s where keywords come in. If you do some content on “matrimony” will a search on YouTube bring it up when someone does a search on “marriage”? Maybe, but what if a lot more people search for “marriage” and YouTube hasn’t figured out that they’re synonyms? You miss out on traffic, that’s what.

This is where keyword research comes in. Google used to have a tool called the YouTube Keyword planner, but alas and alack, they killed it. Now, you have to go to the Google display keyword planner ( to find what you need. Once you find the right keywords, what do you do? You put them in your title, description, and tags for YouTube. Not only that, but you put the most important ones first.

For more on SEO for YouTube and YouTube keywords, watch the video above.

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