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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, The YouTube Monetization Tab

When you become a YouTube partner, you have the choice as to when and how to monetize your videos. In the Monetize tab when you first upload (or edit the settings of) your video, the first thing to choose is whether you want to Monetize in all countries, some countries, or none.

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If you choose to monetize, Display ads (the ads around your video) will always be on. You can’t change that. The others you can choose.

Overlay ads show up as static lower thirds on your videos that can be turned off by the viewer.

Skippable video ads play for 5 seconds and then give you the option to skip.

Non-skippable video ads and Long non-skippable video ads are really annoying because your only choice is to watch them whether they are for you or not (I saw one in spanish yesterday and I don’t speak spanish).

Additionally, you can add ads into the middle of the video. You can also choose to put them before and after videos. If you put them in the middle, you can choose where they go or let YouTube decide (which tends not to be a good choice).

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