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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Troubleshooting Techniques: Swapping Out Gear

When you’re troubleshooting, a lot of people start by swapping out gear. If that’s the problem, it might immediately solve it, but if it isn’t, you’ve just wasted time, effort, and potentially money with a replacement you didn’t need.

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Sometimes, it isn’t one piece of gear that’s causing a problem, but the combination of pieces. Imagine that a camera sends out a signal that’s just a little weak and a distribution amplifier doesn’t amplify as well as it should. Taken in isolation, these things might not be noticeable, but taken together, they might feed off each other.

Always replicate failures to make sure that the piece you suspect is the problem, actually is. If a DA isn’t working, it shouldn’t work no matter the installation.

Remember that cables tend to fail at their termination points, so an intermittent short could make you believe a piece of gear is to blame because unplugging it shows a fault one moment and then it works when you plug it into the new piece.

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