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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, The YouTube Video Manager

If you have more than a couple of videos, the the YouTube video manager is a great place to tweak their metadata in bulk.

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It’s divided into the following sections: Videos, live videos, playlists, shows, and copyright notices.

Video: Lists all your videos and allows you to monetize, change privacy, change licenses, delete, and add to playlists all in bulk. In addition, it gives you an overview of your analytics.

Live videos: Shows you past live videos with the same options as the videos tab, but also allows you to schedule new live videos as well. I’ve talked before about why I think YouTube live isn’t all that great for churches, but if you’re using it anyway, this is a good place to schedule those.

Playlists: This is where you manage, create, & edit playlists.

Shows: This is the hard way to do playlists with few advantages. I’ll continue to research this section to see if I’m missing something, but it feels like either an abandoned idea or one that isn’t yet fully built out.

Copyright notices: View copyright claims and remove the offending song here.

This is perhaps one of the most useful sections in the creator studio, so make sure you take a look at it, especially if you have more than a few videos on YouTube.

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