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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on: Hot folders, templates, and streaming from a canon vixia

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Steve via email
Hi Paul,

I’ve got a question for you. Or maybe I should say I have a few questions. 🙂

The umbrella question is: What is the most efficient way to organize media assets between my home computer (where I create my church graphics, videos, etc and build PP6 playlists) and the church PP6 computer?

I have a Transporter (, so if I save my work there, the assets show up on the church computer, but PP6 likes to use local storage at /Users/Shared/Renewed Vision Media, am I right?

It seems that if I create media and save to my Transporter folder, PP6 copies the file to yet another local folder at Users/steve/Documents/ProPresenter6.

Is there a way to coordinate all the assets between multiple computers without duplicating files all over the place…to just have one copy of each file on each machine?

If you have a link to an already existing solution, that would be fine. I don’t expect you to take a lot of time to answer this…unless you want to create a YouTube video to help others who may have the same question. 🙂

Thanks again for serving the church community. You rock!


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Tracy via email
Hi Paul,

Do you know how to rename a template in ProPresenter 5? Or do I have to create a whole new template in order to have the template name I’m wanting to use?

Marvin via YouTube
That’s the same camera I am using (for about 1+ year now). Haven’t used that much except for the last few months (after deciding to preach more). It’s a great camera when lighting is good. Get’s grainy when lighting is insufficient (my current problem – currently saving up for a proper stage lighting for our Church)..

If ever you discover how to use the USB for live streaming, please post it.. been researching since I got that cam but haven’t found any way yet.

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