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Setting up a presentation computer

It matters how you set up your presentation computer. Why? Because simple changes can eliminate many common distractions.

Consider black or your church’s logo for the wallpaper on the presentation computer.

Also, look at the power saving and screensaver settings. Set those times for the duration of your normal service. So, if church lasts (on average) 60 minutes, set these features to start after an hour, so if you don’t touch the computer for 15 or 20 minutes during the sermon (for example), the screensaver doesn’t start.

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Another thing to consider is what type of computer to get. Presentation computers need to be pretty beefy. You don’t want a donated computer, a 10 year-old box, or something like that.

If possible, make it dedicated to presentation and remove unnecessary software from it, especially the crapware that comes preinstalled on most Windows machines.

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