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Pro5 countdown over a live website, youtube links, and live-streaming

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Todd Carter on Twitter,
Are you aware of a way to use a pro presenter message (countdown) over a live webpage? Any help is appreciated!

Andy Robinson on YouTube
Paul, this sounded like a useful technique, but I was unsuccessful, I tried it in 2 different browsers and it just started at the beginning. Did I do something wrong, here is the link I tried:

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Rex on email,
Hi Paul,

I imagine you get a lot of emails starting out with… “My church wants to start live streaming…” and I’ve seen quite a few of your videos addressing the different parts of that question, and I have even read an article you wrote 2 years ago in Church Tech Today. My church also wants to start streaming and that ministry has found me.

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible but I feel like I have a lot of questions: you’re earliest recommendations for live streaming was using a camera and a computer. I have no background in video production so that was my initial plan as well. But I’m learning and your latest recommendations skips the computer instead and uses the following:

Though I originally thought it would be best to get started with one camera and a streaming PC (possibly skipping a capture card if the camera is capable of USB connection); you’ve since convinced me of using a hardware switcher and 2 cameras. But it seems that the ATEM still needs a computer for control (I don’t think we should buy a $5000 controller just to get started).

I’m not a video guy and though I know computers, computer hardware is not my field of expertise especially when dealing with video production. So is a $700 computer not good enough to replace the VIDIU? Should I budget in a $300 computer to run the ATEM? Is a streaming computer more GPU or CPU heavy? Is it bad advice to stream and control the ATEM on the same computer? So many questions…

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!
Your neighbor from Indiana,

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