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On today’s Q & A, church tech questions on: Editing in Youtube, Digital signage in Pro 6, and Bible fonts

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Donna via email
I just did recorded a video and I want to put my message thumbnail at one end and my end thumbnail at the other.

Can I do that in YouTube editor?

I had my Fiverr guy do it before, he used Sony something, but now I have time to learn how so I am not paying $5 for every video. But I have not found a way to do it.

And that movie maker has not been helpful either.

If not, and I need to buy an editing program, I will. But it needs to be kinda inexpensive and user-friendly.

What ya think?

Jason Tucker on YouTube
I’d love to see how you think this will change the Digital Signage method you came up with.

Zane Willis on Twitter
do you know how to change the font on the built in bibles for Pro5?

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