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On today’s Tech, No Babel: CDN, DIY, or Live-streaming host?

A lot of churches are all about trying to do things to save money. After all, why pay a live-streaming host when you can capacity from Amazon, or put your live-stream directly on Akamai?

If you’ve got the people to do it, that’s a fine decision. I tried to figure out some of the details for a couple of weeks, myself. The problem is that all my other work suffered because I’d never done it before. Unless you’ve got dedicated IT people who’ve done live-streaming with a CDN or on a rented server, it can be hard to get going.

Additionally, there’s room for bigger errors when you bypass a live-streaming host. If you do it right, a wowza install on Amazon can be less than $20 a month. If you don’t, it can be a couple of thousand. That’s a lot of range to hit the budget with.

I can’t answer the question of which you should do, but do your homework before you make the choice.

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