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Live-streaming: SD, HD, or 4K / UHD for your live-stream

On today’s Tech, No Babel: SD, HD, or 4K / UHD for your live-stream

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This show is based on an article I wrote for Church Production Magazine.

SD has been around forever, but if you’re just getting into live-streaming, I wouldn’t buy SD equipment. SD is on it’s way out and in a few years will seem really antiquated. It’s better to start with HD.

If you have HD, should you upgrade to 4k/UHD? Maybe, but there are some cautions. First, the standard isn’t exactly set in stone. UHD is actually 3840×2160 while 4k is 4096×2160, so it’s possible you would get the wrong one. Right now, people are using the terms interchangeably, so who knows for sure which will win. I’d hate to buy one only to have the other win out.

It’s kind of like the genesis of HD. Remember 4:3 tube 720p TVs, with no HDMI ports? They were once very common. Now, HDMI ports are the clear winner as is LCD and 1080p. I’d hate for your church to get the equivalent of that old HD set and be stuck there instead of waiting a little bit and getting standardized equipment.

With that said, there is an opportunity for a few churches to be first movers, being on the short list of those producing UHD or 4K content.

So, which should you choose? Don’t buy SD now. If you have it, plan on upgrading. HD is the standard for the next few years. Few should go into 4k just yet, but some should. Only you can decide if your church needs to be bleeding edge and might need to upgrade again in only a few years or if you can wait.

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