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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-streaming: People you need for a live-stream

[tweet “To do a good job live-streaming, how many people do you need? Probably more than you think.”]

A lot of churches add live-streaming to what they’re already doing. It’s not good enough to be a minimum viable ministry, but a “just press this button in addition to what you’re doing already” addition.

To do it right, though, you need to have more than one camera and a director. Each camera should be controlled by an operator dedicated to that camera.

The director needs to call shots and shape the final product.

It’s nice to have a producer to talk to church leaders during church and help the director. It’s also nice to have someone who is dedicated to making the sound the best in can be.

So, all-tolled, you need between 3 and 5 people at a minimum, unless you’re already doing IMAG or video for DVD/BluRay. You can add a little to those and get a decent stream. The problem is when you have one person doing sound, lyric projection, and now a live-stream. That’s too much. All three areas suffer as a result of that.

To get more people, look for still photographers that can be easily trained to run a video camera, teens, and retired folk.
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  1. β€œTo do a good job live-streaming, how many people do you need? Probably more than you think.” <– THIS

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