Church Technology questions: One video question and a whole bunch on ProPresenter 5

On today’s Q & A, church technology questions on: Video and a bunch on ProPresenter 5

Here are the latest church technology questions:

Rocky Buckley on Platform University
I’m seriously thinking doing a series of 1-3 minute long Q&A type videos for YouTube.

I want these to be very easy to make, preferably 1 take – but still look good. The lighting should be good, the sound the same.

Probably just shoot them from an iPhone.

Suggestions for setup?

I’d also like to template out the beginning and end of the videos – a quick, stylish intro with music, same at the exit. Also drop a bug on the lower right corner.

Suggestions for getting that done on the cheap? Fiverr?

Christian Johny on YouTube
Dear Mr Paul, How you add camcorder to mac, and using it in propresenter, since my propresenter doesn’t detect my external camera, only isight (built in camera)?? T_T

Bre Ogles via email
Hi Paul Team,

At my church we use ProPresenter 5 and we just recently purchase a USB to VGA adapter to start running a Stage Display. I have run into some issues trying to get my computer and ProPresenter to recognize the adapter.

The USB adapter that we are using is StarTech Display Link, the product name is USB2VGAPRO2. Initially my computer wasn’t recognizing the adapter at all but after downloading a driver from the StarTech website it now recognizes both the mini DVI for the projector as well as the StarTech USB adapter but there is something wrong with the screens. When I have the two adapters plugged in the projector screen and my computer screen seem to be working as one large screen while there is still no signal being sent to the Stage Display TV. On top of that issue the windows on my computer, like ProPresenter for example, seem to be showing up on a screen somewhere that cannot be seen.

Any chance you can help with this? Thank you so much for your time and tutorials!

Brenda Brummel via email
First, thank you for your tutorials. I am the white haired techie at our church, and have not found anyone else willing to get involved with Propresenter. One issue that I seem to encounter frequently is having a background show up on slides on which I don’t want the background. For example, we start with a loop of announcements and I have created a background picture for the intro slide and the calendar slides. Then, that same looping series goes on to photos from the last week, and other info. Sometimes the background picture will show up on the later slides. And, sometimes – much to my horror -it will show up on a hymn later on in the playlist, where the white letters of the hymn really don’t show up on the light background picture. I have found that wonderful little button in the upper left hand corner that will turn the background off, but I don’t see why it shows up in the first place.
Unfortunately, I have a time conflict with listening to you live, so am hoping you can answer this email.
Thanks again,

Zach Delano on Google +

Hey Paul quick pro presenter question, I’m not super familiar with it, but I was curious if it’s possible to use a slide advancing device or mouse to progress thru slides in pro presenter. I’ve used pro presenter for myself before, but we just got it at our church. Our pastor would like to control his sermon slides like PowerPoint or keynote but I want to use only pro presenter so we aren’t switching between applications for a service…

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