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Live streaming : Why YouTube LIve streaming may not be the best choice for your live streaming host
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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live streaming : Why YouTube Live streaming may not be the best choice for your live streaming host

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If you’re using YouTube live-streaming in your church tech ministry, you might have some problems. It’s not designed for the needs of churches, so it’s worth noting these problems.

First, there’s no main embed code. So each week you have to embed your video in your site. Update: Either use the “IX Show Latest YouTube” plugin in WordPress or embed a YouTube playlist containing the live-stream to get it to work. Thanks to Daniel J. Lewis for the plug-in tip (see below) and ahhyeah on YouTube for those tips.

Even if you have a streaming license, YouTube doesn’t currently (as I’m writing in December 2014) have a way to white list your account. I’ve heard of at least two churches that had their stream pulled mid-service because they had copyrighted music.

When they fix these problems, it will be a great service.

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  1. You can now embed a playlist, so try just adding all new live streams to the embedded playlist when you start it in YouTube. That’s a non-plug-in way to do it.

    • To solve the single embed problem on WordPress, look at the “IX Show Latest YouTube” plugin that I now maintain.

    • Yep, I actually installed it after I heard you mention in on the Audacity to podcast. Great plug-in. I’ll mention it next week and might just add it to the chapter of my live-streaming book on YouTube because it solves that problem. I’m so glad you’re maintaining it b/c I know you’re reliable and with free plug-ins you never know. 🙂

      It doesn’t solve the copyright issue, though. Can you create a “No, youtube, I have a license so don’t pull my stream” plug-in next? I guess you’re not a miracle worker, though. 😉

    • Thanks, Daniel! I amd DEFINITLY going to check it out. I have already moved the podcasting portion of our sermons away from our previous streaming host so that I can manitain an indefinite backlog and I was looking for a way to save on the streaming, too. And the fact I couldn’t maintain a consistent link was pretty annoying especially since we broadcast two live services on Sunday.

    • And thanks for mentioning the copyright issue. I even had an issue where Imposted the sermon and inclkuded the sermon bumper and Content ID flagged the sermon bumper’s music.

    • So, what’s the solution to that problem, the copyright issue?

    • Thank all of you for your nuggets of wisdom of how to navigate around the world of live streaming. I am a part of a small ministry that has two locations in two different states and we are venturing into live streaming. At the moment, we do not have anyone who can guide us internally and as a result, I am researching on the most effective and efficient way for us to achieve this goal. Thanks so much for sharing this information as it helps me to have a clear understanding and knowledge of the do’s and the don’t do’s. Anymore information you could provide, would greatly be appreciated! God bless!

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