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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-streaming: The people you need to do a live-stream [tweet “You might be surprised how many people you need to do a live-stream. Check this out.”]

Most churches start out with a single camera in the back of the auditorium for their live-stream. While that’s technically a live-stream, let me challenge you to skip that step and go to the next level with a team that actually produces video for your live-stream.

Ideally, you’d want all of these positions to be filled:
Technical Director
Broadcast Audio Engineer
and two camera people

The producer provides the vision, plan, and facilitates communication in the team. The director communicates with the TD and camera people to form the visual look of the stream.

The technical director (TD) actually runs the switcher, changing between shots as called by the director.

The audio engineer remixes the audio so that it sounds good online.

The camera people run the cameras and get the shots that the director calls for.

Many of these roles can be combined, but I’d stick to a minimum of four if at all possible. The director could lead all aspects, the audio engineer would oversee the audio, and two camera people would run cameras.

Four isn’t a lot, but it’s a lot more than the one that most churches normally use. I think the quality of a good team speaks for itself, though.

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