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On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-Streaming: Equipment [tweet “Churches like to go with the minimum when it comes to equipment, please don’t live-stream that way…”]

In order to live-stream, you need a camera that can connect to an encoder, which then connects to the internet and your live-streaming host.

This can be as simple as a webcam connected to a computer, but the quality will be horrible because webcams are designed to shoot very close (so they have a wide lens).

It’s better to have a camera with a built in encoder. JVC makes some of these.

An even better solution is to have two or more cameras connected to a switcher and then an encoder. BlackMagic Design makes some good entry-level switchers.

Finally, your encoder can be a computer with software or a hardware box. Hardware is more reliable, but less flexible. Software is more flexible, but less reliable.

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