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On today’s Tech Help for Churches, Blogging & Podcasting to Unbelievers

Blogging & Podcasting
The printing press predated radio and television. Likewise blogging predated podcasting.

Their connection is democratization of media.

A great reason to blog if you’re a podcaster is to make your content more searchable.

In order to create text content that goes with your podcast, you have three main options. You can write bullet points about what was said in the podcast. You can write a script, read it verbatim, and post it. Finally, you can introduce the topic in your podcast and have a more detailed post in your blog.

For larger shows, there’s another option. You can crowd-source show notes, having your community do them.

Podcasting to Unbelievers
One of the core tenets of the protestant reformation was the idea of worship done in the native language of the people.

Too often churches have allowed Latin and ancient words to sneak back into our vocabulary. Instead, we would be as clear as possible.

No one that met Jesus thought He was “just a great man” or “just a wise teacher.” He didn’t allow them that luxury. He forced decision. Would they believe He was who He said He was or would they believe that He was crazy.

Because of our use of difficult-to-understand words, we’ve enabled misconceptions to pervade popular culture.

Jesus talked about agriculture to farmers and marriage, money, and the like to everyone else. We’ve got to embrace a clear way of speaking to make sure people understand what’s being said.

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