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On today’s ChurchTechCast.com Q & A, questions on: 1080p recording, Pope Francis, and SMS short codes.

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Dave Shrein on Twitter:
hey Paul, any thoughts on getting a quality 1080p recording with my Logitech c930e on my Mac? It’s super choppy in QT

Casey Jarombek on Twitter
just wanted to say that I watched your show yesterday about shooting into glass…was very good…i learned something

Patty Kogutek on Twitter
What is the most important step that Pope Francis could take to make the Church more meaningful to ‘recovering catholics’?

Barbara Brutt ‏on Twitter
What’s one thing about the church that you wished people knew?

BB on ChurchSound Media Tech’s group on Facebook
Here is a media technology question: I am looking for a SMS system to get prayer requests from my youth group. I am thinking along the lines of a number that they text (not a phone number but one of those “067584” type things) and the prayer requests would come up somewhere that could be accessed via computer. A volunteer could then copy those into a slide to be put up on the screen at a later point in the service.
Anyone know of anything like this or actually use a service like this?

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