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Miyelani Mkhabela

@PaulAlanClif How can ministries use Social Media effectively to convey the Good News.

Zane Willis via email:
What does/is a hot key? (Below enabled and background in the slide editor.)

Ed Boden via email:
Maybe you are the answer to an idea I have. Even tho I am computer challenged I know we must use them in the church or be left behind (pun intended). Keeping a church directory up to date is llike herding chickens. But I want to try.
The pastor of our small church says he is too old to learn how to do this. I am only 20 years older the he is but still feel I can learn. I am sure out there in some cloud is a program I would like to see. If not maybe we can make an app and sell it for several million.
Most church members see each other for an hour once a week, if that often. Maybe they like it that way. I grew up in a church where everybody knew your name and everything else about you and that wasn’t all ba d. If there was an easy to use template to include useful info about a member and family I think it would encourage us to know names, likes, dislikes, activities, tallents, etc., of each other.
I know this would raise several issues of privacy, danger of identy theft, etc., but that ship has already left dock. Info is already available to anyone who really wants it. There are safeguards (my government keeps telling me) that should cover that.
I am a retired professional photographer (course everyone with a cell phone is now a photographer) who would ask on the form if they would like me to make a nice family portrait at their house or place of their choosing. We might include pets, things like boats, whatever. They could put as little or as much info on as they like. This would help us match up people with others of similiar interests, backgrounds, kids of same age, (In my case rich widows), etc.
Am I making sense? Do you know a program? Know someone who could write one? Or am I way out in right field?

Elbert Wescott via email
Hi Paul,

I want to let you know that I appreciate your work for us and for The Lord. I know you to be a “real” person as opposed to some who seem to have started out right but then forgot that they were talking to “real” people in the audience. I can’t blame them–it’s difficult to stay connected to people you never see or hear from, even though the audience members often feel like the speaker is a close, personal friend. I’m sure you know what I’m describing.

Your help last fall when our church was planning our centennial celebration and I was placed in charge of the video with having had no experience, was great in practical terms, but in addition, your quick and personal response was a true comfort–I felt like there was a real person out there who was willing to help an unknown fellow Christian in the midst of a stressful situation.

So, thanks, Paul. I will continue to pray for you as you continue your ministry for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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