Tech Help for Churches: What’s a podcast and why you should and shouldn’t do it

Listen to the audio: On today’s Tech Help for Churches, What’s a podcast and why you should and shouldn’t do it

A podcast is simply an RSS 2.0 delivered media file. That’s the geeky answer, of course. Imagine that RSS is a shopping list that the podcaster has access to. Your computer, smart phone, etc., checks the list from time to time and when there’s something new listed, it gets it. You don’t have to check to see if there’s new content. You’re subscribed to just get it.

Podcasts aren’t every media type either. They’re typically MP3s, MOVs, or PDFs. The latter is very rare. There’s a forth media type, the “enhanced podcast,” but those are falling out of vogue since they never caught on for anything other than Apple devices and Apple quit supporting them in the latest version of GarageBand.

But, who should podcast? Churches that want to spread the Gospel in places that a person can’t go. Churches that want to have Christ’s message of hope and love shared.

Who shouldn’t? People who think God is mad at them. People who hate others. People who want to be judgmental. If that’s you, podcasting isn’t for you. Move along.

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