Q & A for May 16, 2014– HDMI, Wireless monitors, video hum, and more

On today’s Q & A, questions on: HDMI, Wireless monitors, video hum, and more

Here are the latest questions:

KF on CTL:
The problem is that I’m trying to use an additional HDMI output on the Hall Research unit to convert to analog (VGA) that will send a feed of the computer screen to our video switcher, confidence monitor on stage, and a small monitor hookup for our hearing impaired ministry

MaxwellsMac on CMN:
My next project is to install 2 confidence monitors on stage. We already have a 60″ LCD on the back balcony wall for the singers to use during worship but it just mirrors what’s being displayed on our FOH screens. The pastor has requested the confidence monitors on stage so that he can feel comfortable walking the stage during his message and just looking down occasionally to know where he’s at and/or see his next point, scripture, bottom line, etc… I really don’t want to have to run another feed down to the stage so I’m wondering if anyone has been using the iOS app to do this and if so, how it’s working out for them. I was thinking of using an iPad hooked to one of the tv’s and then just daisy chaining to the other side using a video out cable.

CLCTech on CMN:
First, is there an inexpensive solution to enable us to go from the switcher directly to the computer with s-video and skip the DVD step? We recently added a 3 TB USB external drive to our editing computer. Preferably something that would allow us to migrate to HD.

withoutfear on CMN:
I am installing 3 new projectors in a new kids classroom in a couple weeks Utilizing triple head 2 go. I was about to purchase my triple head unit but realized there are a few new types. Our setup will be: Macbook pro to th2g unit out with dvi to hdmi converter to hdmi cable to projector. Which version of the TH2G unit should i get? The longest hdmi run is like 20-23′ feet so i should be good on hdmi correct?

Lampshades on CMN:
The problem:
Scrolling lines/bars when displaying the broadcast. This obviously is terribly distracting.


I connected my personal laptop, via the Covid CVD 0500 – VGA adapter, Installed Easy worship trial on my computer, and was able to project video to the screen with no lines and no rolling bars.

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