The Cheapest Professional 15mm DSLR Rig I can find on Amazon

I’ve already built my own DSLR rig based on copper pipe and a cutting board (based on this design), but I wanted to look into a more professional rig.

So, after a little while on Amazon (full disclosure, these are all affiliate links, so I do get a little money if you buy them), I found all the parts to make the rig for less than the one pictured above (but looking almost identical to it). One caveat, though. I haven’t actually ordered the whole thing yet. If I do, this is what I’ll be getting:

You might notice that there are three crucial compenents missing from the list. That’s because a recent trip to Ikea got me the 15mm rails. Now, they call them “drawer handles,” but if you have a local store, stop by and see if these rods don’t fit the bill. At $12.99 for the 33 1/2″ ones (and cheaper for the shorter ones), I don’t see a reason to buy the purpose made $100 ones.

So, let’s total up my costs: $184.71 for all the parts (as of May 11, 2014 including shipping) + $12.99 for the rods. That’s $197.70. Now, let’s compare that to the one in the picture above. It sells for $256.43 (after shipping). So, while it didn’t save me hundreds of dollars, I can think of something to do with around $60.

If this is the type of rig you’re looking for, I hope my shopping helps you.


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