TNB140508 — 8 Video Mistakes that Pastors Make

On today’s Tech, No Babel: 8 Video Mistakes that Pastors Make

Of course, the biggest mistake is not using video because of some fear of or misinterpretation of scripture, but other than that, here are 8 mistakes pastors make all the time while using video.

1. Doing it all yourself.
2. Calling attention to mistakes.
3. Not taking input from the video team.
4. Focussing on design as well as content.
5. Calling for slides that don’t exist.
6. Not understanding resolution.
7. Pushing for something too early.
8. Doing something just because another church does.

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  1. I remember in my previous Church when the pastor gave his outline that I should put up on the slides, but then during his message, he preached a totally different outline, without even telling me. It was insulting and the congregation thinks and believes that it was my mistake that I made and showed the wrong slides.

    • I suggest, at least, to plan ahead a secret “things have changed last minute” keyword so that the pastor can let you know not to put them up. Plan ahead (because you can’t make anyone do anything) just in case.

      • Sad to say, he intentionally didn’t inform me of the changes… Currently, having a recorded message for worship is easier, as I can do the slides after we’ve recorded the message.

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