Q and A for April 4, 2014 –Compressing QuickTime, live-streaming providers, and a whole lot of Propresenter questions

On today’s Q & A, questions on: compressing QuickTime files, live-streaming providers and a whole lot of ProPresenter Questions.

Here are the latest questions:

Does anyone know if there is a way to loop a video (pre-show video) until a certain time on the clock (like 5 o’clock) and then go to a different (static or black) slide? (Using ProPresenter 5)
>>Andy Seale had a great response:

you can use apple “automator” to fire off system events. You could assign an event to a time and assign a key to a slide and have the automator “press” that key and fire the slide.

I have several mac minis that are acting like digital sinage players. I have a script set to return them to a playing state and go full screen incase of a power failure.

There was a topic about a year ago on this subject. I wanted to start a new one to get some new conversation going.

I’m currently using the New Livestream to stream our church services. We’re looking to potentially make a switch for a couple reasons. First, we’ve had several issues over a relatively short amount of time. I don’t believe ALL of them were ALL Livestream’s fault, but it’s been enough that I’m at least interested in looking into other providers.

Second, we’re interested in using Church Online Platform ( to create more of an online campus experience. To do this, we’ll need the ability to embed our live stream. This is possible with Livestream but comes at a $399/mo pricetag. While I’m not opposed to that price if it’s going to be that best service I can get, I’m interested in other options at this point.

So some different companies I’ve looked at have been:

I’m interested in hearing if anyone here has experience with these providers. Especially if you’ve dealt with more than one. Any positives or negatives. They all have free trials available, but, because I already stream to Livestream, I don’t want to rush into making a change because we already have a viewer base at the present site.

I’d hate to push a change only to have to push another change. So, I just want to at least get as much input as I can. And please, if you have any suggestions beyond the 3 companies I’ve mentioned, or if you have an “argument” for sticking with Livestream, I’d love to hear that as well.

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Can Adobe Encoder compress QuickTime files? If not can someone please recommend a good, free compression software?


BA on ChurchTech on g+
I’ve been looking at ProPresenter too. I have a question…. We do the announcement loop thing (which propresenter supports), but then during announcements like to put up that slide from the announcement loop without it starting through the loop. Is that possible? Didn’t see anything about that in the videos on their site. Thanks

BA on ChurchTech on g+
I probably need to download the demo and play around with it. But one thing I’ve noticed in many video demos, they only have a few motion backgrounds. I have A LOT of them. With only one row visible down at the bottom, that looks like it would be hard to manage a large library.

MC on ChurchTech on g+
Is there a way to broadcast slides, i.e. sermon notes, verses, graphic illustrations, etc. (not necessarily powerpoint slides) via internet or local network to congregation who uses iOS and Android devices? I think Proclaim somehow does it but I am currently saving up for propresenter.

c on CMN
Screen placement recommendation
Hello everyone,

We are installing a new projection system in our Church building. Because of the architecture, it is extremely difficult to find a satisfying solution. I have attached two pictures of two different scenarios. Any suggestions?


Stage depth 25ft
Proposed center screen is 180″ diagonal
75 ft from the back row to the back of the stage.

50 ft from the side screen placement to the back row
Proposed side screens are 120″ diagonal

Thank you!

I-Pad control?
If this has been discussed before I do apologies in advance. Doing a quick Google search I did find some 2011 commentary also finding a YouTube link (Which I am unable to post yet,Forum Rules) suggesting that it can be done. Has there been any progress on this?
Our Church is looking for projection software and having Easyworship remotely controlled by an IPad would be a plus.
Thank you for your insight,

Hard time getting use to . . . .
So we switched from Easy Worship to PP5 a few weeks ago. Mostly it has gone fine and have not looked back much.

One thing I’m having a hard time getting use to in PP5 (I wonder if I’m misunderstanding something about the interface) is this:

EW was very good about letting you do just about anything in the software and the output was rock solid. So if you had a pre-service loop going in the live output you could be getting songs ready or whatever you needed to do in the preview side. And you could see how they were going to look in the preview window.

In PP5, you can get songs ready and use the editor, but once you leave the editor you can’t click on anything in your playlist without it going live. At least as far as I can tell. Let me know if I’m missing something. We can turn off the output (making sure there isn’t anything on the desktop behind) and we often go to black on the switcher. But if we just want the loop to keep running, I find it hard to do.

Tell me if I’m missing something.

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