Q & A for March 28, 2014: Proclaim vs Planning Center, a mystery cable, and DropBox On today’s Q & A, questions on: Proclaim vs. Planning Center, a mystery cable, and DropBox

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Can anyone comment on Proclaim vs. Planning Center for small to medium churches?

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In the coming weeks I will be sharing some interesting news/changes in my professional life, but for now I have a couple questions:

1. I have 4 classrooms that need to have the same “source” showing on each screen. This will be audio and video for the young kids to listen to some P&W music when they first get into class. Does anyone have insight on how to make this happen? I have a couple ideas, but not quite sure they are technically feasible.

2. From a church’s perspective, where do you see the largest cyber-security concerns? As a cyber-security professional, I have my opinions and have started putting together some things to help address my concerns, but I wonder what others may think.

Thanks all for your time and guidance!

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Does any know what this cable is call and where I can find it.. if they still make it..

Arlin on cmn
Self Hosted Dropbox alternative?
Just curious,
Is anyone using something like instead of dropbox or any of the other file storage/sync/sharing alternatives?

One of the main reasons I like dropbox is that it uses a differential sync so if a large file changes, it does not need to upload/download the whole file.
As far as I know Dropbox is one of the few that do that.

da on cmn
Single Camera to nursing room/digital signage
We are building a new lobby that will have several digital signage screen and will have a nursing room.

Before the service, we will use the screens to show announcements, etc. Once the service begins, we want to stream the service to these screens. Our digital signage will handle live streams.

We currently have a single camera that sits near our sound booth. We also have an iMac.

We are not at a point where we want to buy new cameras and a switcher, etc, but we may at some point in the future.

My thoughts to get this feed to those streams:
Blackmagic UltraStudio Thunderbolt to pull in video stream
Use wirecast on iMac for creating stream
As long as digital signage (Gefen DSC) is on same network, we should be able to pull the stream to them.
Does this sound like it will work? It seems too simple to me, so it probably is.

pe on cmn

Buy/Rent Video Streaming Appliance
We have a two-day conference coming up that we’d like to video stream. We’re not currently video streaming, but it’s definitely in our future.

For the purposes of this conference, I thought the quickest/easiest solution would be to rent a video streaming appliance like the ViewCast Niagara GoStream or a Digital Rapids Touchstream. Anyone know where I could rent one? (South Carolina)

Anyone have any other devices they would recommend? We’ll be feeding it 720p HD-SDI (could feed it component HD if necessary). We’re on the fastest cable internet package Time Warner offers. My initial thought was to send the feed to Livestream for propagation.

All thoughts welcome!!

Hello all,

Looking for some advice on Computer requirements for HD streaming at 720p.

Currently running HD-SDI into a BlackMagic Decklink PCIe Card.
Using FMLE streaming to ChurchCasting.
10mb upload thru cable internet.

We have an Intel Dual Core PC with 8 gig of ram running at like 2.4ghz, that so far uses 50% cpu just to display the hd signal on the monitor thru FMLE. And uses 100% CPU and 4-5 gig of ram when streaming.

I can get a clean streamed signal down below 500kbps at 480×270. No Frame drops etc…

If I go above that although I am dropping anywhere from 5-20 frames per second.

I am trying to find out how many cores/ram I need to stream at 720p and 480p for mobile.

I have looked at 8 core AMD CPU’s and Motherboards. Is 8 Core enough?
What about a 16 core server with a PCIe slot? Is this even possible?
Such as: a Dell Poweredge R900?

Anyone with experience/ advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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