CTCQA140321 — IEMs or wedges, HOAs, and the BlackMagic Pro recorder

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Got good news last week that our Pastor is ready to step it up with our sanctuary and a/v equipment. He asked when we go with in-ear monitors for our worship team, do we do away with the floor monitors we now have? I’m also sending a few pic of equipment that was donated to us and I want to see if you think if any of it can be used in a church setting?

Chris E. Castle

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Anybody have any thoughts on using Google+ Hangouts on air for broadcasting sermons? 

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Okay, I am installing a presentation system in a medium size church that has no way to run HDMI cables for the HDTVS they are getting. They will be running Proclaim or OpenLP on a Mac Mini. Will an Apple TV or a chrome cast work to hook up to the TVA? I assume that this method will work but I’m not 100% confident in this. Does anyone know for sure?

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Anyone have any experience with this encoder? (BlackMagic pro recorder)

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I have a friend asking me about purchasing an affordable camcorder to record their sermons with the intent of uploading them to their website. I don’t believe that they are looking to livestream at this time–just upload an edited sermon video on Monday or Tuesday.

I don’t spend much of my time looking at cameras on a regular basis, but I’ve been looking at the Canon XA10 as a possible solution. It has XLR in, LANC control, but only 10X zoom. As someone who shoots creative videos with a Canon T4i, it boggles my mind how the XA10 is $1500 while a Canon T4i is about half that. (I know about recording time limits and other limitations that make DSLRs typically the wrong solution for long recording sessions)

What’s the current buzz for camcorders for this purpose around $1500 or under?

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Is it possible to “burn out” if my motives are relentlessly checked?


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Questions: what brand and model of camera are you using? What video switcher you use (I’m assuming multiple cameras)?

LB on ctl
Hey guys. I am looking for a new way to control our lobby TV’s. All of our TV’s are currently controlled by an Extron system that uses small boxes that we control via a web interface over ethernet. The boxes then control the TV’s via RS232 ports. The TV’s work great but the Extron boxes are a mess. It’s a terrible system. I’m looking for some alternative that allows me to do simple things like turning the TV’s on or off and changing the channels remotely.

I’m aware of Bright Sign and might get interested in that as an option but I’m looking for other options right now.

Please respond if your post meets the following criteria:

1. You have the system you are writing about installed on your campus and you are currently working with it.

2. You have demoed the system and are considering it for purchase.

3. You had the system previously and wish you had it now.

Thanks a lot guys!

MS on ctl
As Easter approaches and we are planning our scenic design changes, we are also looking to this fall when we launch our first offsite campus location. This site will be in the gym of a community center but we are also thinking about how just being multisite affects scenic design overall, even if we were in a permanent location. My gut feeling is that there are a lot of designs that we just wouldn’t be able to pull off very well in a portable church situation. How do you approach that?

Our original stage (where the Pastor will be broadcast from) is relatively small and we typically have elements behind him. One week a month we have a small choir and it is impossible to avoid having a mic stand, etc., in camera shot. Our feeling is that now we need to create a more consistent background but do you just avoid camera shot lines?

Besides just leaving it black behind the pastor, I’m curious if anyone has any advice or learned anything along the way.


Live Streaming …. help
We are a fairly small church and the pastor has decided he wants to get into live streaming. My background ….Several years ago I directed the TV ministry for my church, I could run all the the equipment, have the artistic eye etc, but it was a professionally designed system. I do have a good bit of technical experience/knowledge up till I became disabled a few years back I was also a Network admin for the last 15 years.
We currently have 2 Cannon XL2 cameras. They have composite, S-Video and Firewire outputs, and a Focus MX-4DV switch that were bought several years ago.
I have been task with the list of what needs to be purchased to have us live streaming, I know what I want …. a designer to come in and design it but thats going to have to be down the road, for now I need to get this done at a reasonable cost in house. The cameras will be 40 and 65 ft from the switch, firewire/Cat 6 extenders, S-video or Coax composite? Pros cons?
Audio? When I mentioned a sound board for video he wants to feed off the current board, They put in a Presonus digital board just over a year ago. We still have the old 24 channel analog board. I don’t currently have another sound person if we used two boards, until God brings in another sound person the current sound guy would have to EQ the video board before service and let it be. Audio is NOT my strong suit (I’m tone deaf) The sound guy is insistent that we need a separate board.
I’m thinking camera’s —>switch —> dedicated PC/capture card/ SSdrive for recording —> Adobe Flash Media Encoder —-> streaming service
Oh the last leg needs work also we have 500′ of cat 5 WITHOUT a repeater between the buildings for the internet connection. I’m debating on just adding a repeater in the middle or telling him we need fiber.
Right now it is about getting us on without making us look worse!! We will be upgrading as time goes on, but have to start somewhere.
All help & ideas are welcome!!

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