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Justin Koby on TDM/contact
For the Q/A….
We are currently working to implement video streaming online from our worship service. Currently, we are running some low definition security cameras for the video feeds. We are a small church that is working to grow. Since we are on a tight budget and don’t have anybody available to man the camera(s), I’m considering running a higher definition fixed position security camera for the camera feed. What are you thoughts on running an IP security camera for the video feed? I’m specifically looking at the Zavio F7210 as our first camera and using ManyCam for the video switching and interface to the online streaming provider.

Hope this makes sense. Email me if you need more information.

menendeza on CMN
Distributing an HDMI signal
Greetings to all. I’m trying to split the HDMI output signal from a laptop to go to a mixer and to a projector. The laptop and the mixer are close to each other but the only available por of the mixer to receive the signal is a DVI port. The projector will be around 75 ft away and can only receive the signal as HDMI.

I’m considering to use a Kanex Pro IP/HDMI converter split the signal from the HDMI output of the laptop.

I’m thinking of using a HDMI to DVI converter for the mixer but I’m concerned about having two layers of converters on that signal going to the mixer. Any better ideas?

Glynn Brockway on FaceBook:
Hey Paul, how’re you doing man? I know it’s been a long time, but I’ve an idea for something I’ve not been able to find anywhere. Seems to be it could be pretty sweet if it was.
To spare you a lengthy explanation, the concept is simply an interface for cell phones to connect to the speakers in a car/truck etc… Conceptually it seems ridiculously simplistic, which means I’m probably just ignorant what what it’d really take. Here goes, what would it take to connect a headphone jack to a 4channel 35-40w amp connected to my cars speakers?

I should have been more explicit. What I’m thinking of is a replacement for a head unit, strictly designed to connect a phone to the speakers. I found 4x50w amplifier circuit board units (only missing a heat sink). The ones I was looking at had 4 RCA outputs. I imagine wiring a 3.5mm jack would be straight forward. That would provide the connection to the speakers. I guess what I’m wondering is do you know of a reason why something as rudimentary as that would or would not work? The next step would be utilizing the Bluetooth adapter that you mentioned to allow for any phone with Bluetooth to connect.

…I figure by using standard oem speakers, there would be less chance of fouling up the ohms. On the other hand, I don’t have much faith in many things from Chinese wholesale sites haha. That does give me information to work with and research. ..

..Because you ampage is relative to your ohms right? Best case is to match your ohms isn’t it?

Marvin Cruz
Hardware – 7:26 AM

I have a laptop, TravelMate P243, Core i5 3320M, 4GB ram with dedicated GeForce GT630M 1GB video.. connecting to a 1080 23″monitor via VGA, I have no problems,, I can use 1080.. However, using a 5meter VGA cable, my system is not detecting the resolution of the monitor and doesn’t give me an option to select 1920 x 1080 .. I thought it was just a bad cable,, I looked for a different which is working on a computer > 1080 TV setup.. again, my laptop is not detecting the resolution of the monitor and won’t give me an option for a 1920×1080..

Any thoughts why it’s happening?


Jose Estrella
Church A/V Technology – Feb 14, 2014

Im surching for a better computer for streeming live our church service. Shoud I buy a mac/apple or pc? Like most churches, Im on a tight leash. 

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Video feed to nursery from streaming computer
Need advice which you all are great at!
My Pastor wants a tv in the nursery for people to watch while tending to children.
We currently stream our services through ustream using their Producer Studio mixer.
Setup is a single ptz camera connected to a Mac Pro by way of a Diamond video capture cable (s-video to usb) for mac. Using an aux output from audio mixer to rcas for sound.

Now the question. ….

What would be the best way to get a direct signal to nursery?
Don’t think it would be a good idea to use a smart tv and feed the stream into the room because it is very close to the sanctuary. The delay would be a factor.
Is there a piece of equipment to get the feed after production (out of the computer)? Or will we have to split it before the computer? What equipment would you recommend? Do we need to scrap original setup and go a different route?


Proclaim Software
Gary Clegg posted 4 days ago | Stats »
Is anyone considering switching from Pro Presenter to Proclaim. Has anyone switched and what are the advantages or disadvantages.

Pro Presenter
Geir Kristoffersen posted 6 days ago | Stats »

I chair the Media and Communications Group in our Chrurch in Norway just outside Oslo.

We are looking at Easy Worship and Pro Presenter.


What are the PP capailities when it comes to Bible text in other languages, can it import a bible text with chapter and verse references and etc ect and then allow a search to that as it would the English text?


If yes to Q1, are there any format requirements?

Question 3;

Are there any format restrictions for importing song text?

Brg Geir

Mirrored Projection Shareable
Mike Newsom posted 4 days ago | Stats »
We have a panasonic projector with the shortest throw lens we could get that we use on occasion for rear projection. We are trying to move the rear projection screen even further away from our pastor. Has anyone tried using the mirror approach to shortening the throw distance and are we basically shortening the distance literally the measured distance to the mirror or is there more to it than that?

Broadcasting in the sanctuary Shared
Brian Kudrna posted 3 days ago | Stats »
I’m currently trying to find case studies or useful information to bring up the idea of broadcasting our services in the sanctuary. We are currently using power points with scripture. My goal is to connect with the younger generation as well as add life into the service. Any thoughts or feed back are appreciated.

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