ChurchTechCast Q & A for February 14, 2014: Video over IP, How to act online, and video over wifi

On today’s ChurchTechCast Q & A, Questions about: Video over IP, How to act online, and video over wifi

TM on ChurchTech on g+:

Hi Everyone;

I’m an IT professional who has been asked to help with a need in our church. We would like to broadcast live video from our sanctuary to about 8 TVs scattered over two buildings. We would also like the ability to show announcements/recorded videos before worship.

I’m thinking video over IP. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for this? Any particular products? I can handle the networking/cabling if I know the right video product to use.


JG on ChurchTech on g+

I was recently writing an article on how we as Christians should compose ourselves on the interwebs. The more I thought about it, I think I’m going to do a part two on What are some differences in communicating to an unbeliever on the internet, and communicating to a believer?”
Do you guys have any pointers or tips that you have for communicating to different groups of people on the internet?

BB on ChurchTech on g+

Aside from Intel WIDI, what are the different options for projecting my laptop or PC to a TV monitor or projector wirelessly?

Is anyone using the new Mac Pro for CG? We currently have two “CG” Mac Pro towers with Black Magic HD/SDI cards. I am looking to update to the new Mac Pro. Is it as simple as Thunderbolt to HD/SDI converter. Are there any Pro Presenter issues with Mavericks OS?


Hey guys

I’m putting together plans for our second campus which will be a portable venue. I will be rack mounting two Mac minis (Sonnette) and I’m curious what solutions are out there to make monitors portable as well. Besides keeping the original box/packaging. I need a 2-monitor set up. One for each mini. The minis will be in a 4u case with the scaler and Furman.

Hey Guys,

Got an email this morning from our website hosting service saying that they are shutting down on May 1st. Obviously I’m scrambling now to find an alternative, what do you guys use for your church website? Are you hosting it offsite or do you have a local fileserver? Full/Part time webmaster? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

What is everybody doing when it comes to your service video feeds in your lobbies and other exterior rooms? We’re just splitting a coax signal from a scan covertor to a TV modulator but we’re getting reduced resolution and bad quality.

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