ChurchTechCast Q & A for February 7, 2014

Blogging, An A/V booth in a bad location, and Speed, Quality, & Price

Here are the latest questions:

KS on CIB on G+
Do you have a blog on your website? I currently have one, I’ve always been into blogging but I haven’t done much on my website so far. I want to change that but is there much benefit to having a blog that isn’t necessarily on a blogging platform? I kind of feel like I’m being lead to focus more on my business during this slow period that I’m having but I’m not sure if that specific area is a fruitless endeavor.

DC on CIB on G+
This week I’ve been reminded of the old saying:

Speed, Quality, Price: Pick Two. All 3 cannot co-exist.

What’s your take on that adage in business?

ES on ChurchTech on g+

We’re getting ready to build an a/v booth in our choir loft. Right now we have two iMac workstations; one audio with a 16 channel mixing board, and a second for lyrics projection. I know it’s not the ideal location for audio, but its the only space we can use in our small, historic sanctuary.

Does anyone have any helpful hints they can share, clever forms of cable management, or mistakes they’ve made but would like to see others avoid?

Taking some advice from the folks at CTW, we’re using a 4×4 half lapped frame with a plywood and laminate countertop. Knowing that this installation will be transitional, I’m still tossing around ideas for cable management. We’ll be upgrading amplifiers, adding additional channels, aux sends, and some video distribution with the next year. I’m looking for inspiration, and hoping to make this a “one and done” project.

So we are a portable campus on a very limited budget. We will be running two projectors via hdmi over a gefen cat6(150’)converter, Can we split the hdmi at the first projector and send it to the second one on a 50’ high quality hdmi cable?

Hi everyone! Just a quick quandary… Do any of you that do IMAG or record the weekend messages, put makeup on your pastors or presenters? Our pastor has been asking about the shine that is on his head, and I think our lights are aimed properly and it’s just a case of oily skin. I found a couple of “how to” videos, but just wondering what other might be doing.

Thanks for your input!

Why does your church do video and how is it utilized ?

Hello everyone the pastor at our church asked if we can do video? I said sure what’s your vision for video he said you know video clips /streaming. Put something together we can present to the leadership team and he proceeded to walk away . Left my head spinning.

Why does your church do video?
How is it utilized?
How to tell if my church is ready for video?
What equipment do we need (suggestions)?
What kind of manpower do we need?
What else should I be worried about?
Thank you all for taking the time in advance.

DG on ctl
Howdy. Our projector is shot. Seems like a good time to move to a video wall. I am not a tech guy. I am the money guy. Can we use 4 led flat screens from most any manufacturer? Or should we use some specific screen type? I know the software specs to drive the 4 screen video wall but this is more about the screens themselves. Thanks for your help.

d052 on CMN

VGA and HDMI or video switcher combo
We presently have a computer with vga out to a cat5 converter. This then runs about 300 feet over cat5 to a projector. The pastor wants to know if there is a way to hook up a switcher so we could switch sources from the computer to a DVD player. This switcher probably would have to feed the VGA in port for the cat5 converter, unless someone has a brighter idea. So this switcher needs both a VGA in and probably a HDMI in or video in port with a VGA out port to feed the cat5 converter

BTW this cat5 converter I believe is what is called active. It has a box at the computer and another one at the projector mounted in the ceiling. They both have power sources to operate.

We would like to keep the cat5 converter as we spent about $400 for the converter.

Thanks, D

rjw on CMN

ATEM TVS – Video Capture and Streaming – 2 Questions
First Q: I’m new to Black Magi’s ATEM Television Studio (TVS) and have found that with my set up (running through a not particularly powerful Win7 laptop – I don’t have the specs here) I cannot both stream to Livestream and simultaneously capture the video output to the hard drive

Is this (a) working as designed, or (b) a function of computing power (cpu specs? memory? video card?) or (c) something else?

Second Q: Running capture tests (we have SD cameras), in Capture Setup there is a setting slider for quality. Testing at various settings (100%, 50%, 20% and 10%) resulted in different file sizes* but no difference in quality of the images.

I didn’t find any settings in Media Express which seem affect quality. I’m wondering if I am missing something? Or, as I suspect is likely, this is really an issue only for HD inputs?

= = = =
* For 1 minute of capture, without sound, the file sizes are, respectively 119MB (@100%); 76MB (@50%); 39MB (@20%); and 26MB (@10%)

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