Q & A for January 24, 2014

Today, I answered questions on Software, online campuses, royalty free music, and much, much more.

Here are the latest questions:

ZK on ChurchTech on g+

What software do you all use to stream live over the internet ? 

BB ChurchTech on g+

Which is the better goal or objective when putting up an online campus? Is it to bring visitors to your website or to your actual physical location?

MR ChurchTech on g+

Looking for some fresh audio tracks for an interview that I’m working on. Where do you go to find royalty free audio?

o25 on

I have setup a video stream from my camera to my computer (via firewire) and goes through Easyworship. I use this to manage a video presentation and still put up text, scriptures and songs which i send to the projectors.

Now, the Camera needs to be taken around so am thinking of deploying a wireless Video Transmitter.

The Receiver from the video transmitter has an HD-SDI port, if i installed the HD-SDI expansion slot card into my desktop computer will easyworship see this card slot as a capture device like firewire? so i can see my live video and send it to the projectors as usual?

Thanks for the quick responses.

M71 on

Livefeed to the nursery
I’ve given the opportunity to setup a TV in the nursery for viewing our church service in the sanctuary. We do not need any over the top equipment. Just need minimal equipment to set it up that will give good video and audio. Currently, both the main building and nursery do have the network. We have an existing Audio mixer (do not have the model info) that’s plug into Father’s mic in the front of the sanctuary.

Will the following list of equipment give what I am trying to accomplish?

1. Video camera (Canon VIXIA HF R300) connect HDMI cable into
2. Tripp Lite HDMI over CAT5 active extender kit
3. Run CAT5 cable about 175ft into
4. Tripp Lite HDMI over CAT5 active extender kit in the nursery
5. Connect HDMI cable in to 50″ Smart TV HDMI port

For the audio,

Use AUX out of the existing audio mixer into Line input on the video camera.

Thanks in advance,

CT on Christians in Business on G+

Ideas for a blog reader?

I have a number of blogs I follow and I want to know when they post something new. Been using bookmarks but looking for a better alternative, your ideas?

Also be sure to include a link of your blog please ;)

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